“La Mitzi”, girlfriend of the leader of La Unión Tepito, is transferred to the Santa Martha Acatitla prison

Mexico City.- Capital authorities transferred to Mitzi “N”, better known as “La Mitzi”, girlfriend of the leader of The Union Tepito, al Santa Martha Acatitla prison.

His transfer was carried out last Sunday by the Attorney General’s Office (GF), after his initial arrest with his mother two days earlier inside his own house in Magdalena Contreras alcladia.

“The Mitzi”, 26 years old and one of the Union Tepito brides, was arrested while in pajamas in possession of 329 doses of marijuana and cocaine, about half a kilo of pure cocaine and a long firearm.

In videos broadcast on social networks, it is seen as the young and possible partner of one of the most important leaders of The Union Tepito enters the female prison for the prison population in the CDMX.

“La Mitzi” would be alleged girlfriend of Eduardo Ramirez Tiburcio, alias “The Chori”, current leader of one of the main criminal gangs that generate violence in the center of the country’s capital.

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She and her mother, Laura “B”, aged 45, were transferred to the drug dealing prosecutor’s office in pursuit of the investigation folder CI-FIDN / AOP / UI-3 C / D / 00244 / 09-2021. Look at the photos of her luxurious life:

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