Kiska, the loneliest killer whale in the world, desperately hits the glass of her pond

Canada.- Kiska, the loneliest killer whale in the world, has attracted attention around the world, since every day he hits against the glass of his pond, as if he wanted to escape, he is currently living in the park MarineLand of Ontario, Canada.

On September 4, a group of anti-captivity activists They recorded the moment in which Kiska hits heavily against the glass of his pond, injured on several occasions, it should be noted that he has been only for ten years since he is the only survivor in that place.

Previously Kiska lived in that place with other orcas and with her five calves, however now she has been left alone, so she has developed a dangerous and self-destructive behavior, because of her anguish, as confirmed by Phil Demers, a former trainer of the water park.

On the other hand the activist Molly McKinney He said that Kiska’s behavior is the result of the stress caused by isolation, in addition to compromising his immune system that can cause death.

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The activist launched a petition through the platform where he says that Kiska was captured forty years ago off the coast of Iceland, so they ask that she be placed in an appropriate facility such as a whale sanctuary so that she can live a more natural life.


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