“Kill your daughters so they don’t get in the way”: Unworthy message from a priest after the decriminalization of abortion

Saltillo Coahuila.- A priest has outraged users on social networks, after in his homily on Sunday, he made an apology to the femicide and called “kill” women who decide to terminate their pregnancy voluntarily.

“Do not support the young women by killing their children so that they stop interfering and have fun, better kill your daughters so that they don’t get in the way, ”he told Father Lázaro Hernández Soto at La Salle de Monclova church, Coahuila.

The priest’s demonstration occurred four days after the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) decriminalize abortion voluntary as a guarantee for women to decide on their bodies without being criminalized in Coahuila, reported El Financiero.

This generated that the feminist collective Green Tide – Altas Montañas that their concern for the message that the Catholic Church against the women.

The father pointed out that women who decide to have an abortion are useless. “Why don’t we kill the mother?”

And he added: “In a country where daily 11 femicidesThat this type of message is sent by the Catholic Church is extremely serious and unacceptable ”, stated the group.

While this Monday, at a press conference, the priest He explained why that reference had made that reference, to clarify that it was never against women.

The priestHe said that things were misinterpreted, that in reality, when he was actually speaking about family rights, he also said that his intention was to raise awareness and the importance of life.

It is because of them that what he said was by way of example: “if they kill children who cannot defend themselves, and we set the murderers free, they can defend themselves,” explained the priest.

He said it was not his intention to attack womenWell, they are an important part in life, and in the church, so I would not say against women.

Finally the priest He apologized and assuring that it was not his intention to offend anyone, but quite the opposite, to relieve people’s lives.


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