Kenia Os breaks audience record with MelanKOs; It is the most watched concert in Latin America

Mexico.- “Iconic! “was called the influencer, model, businesswoman and singer Kenia Os, after having offered his first concert via streaming entitled MelanKOs, where he delighted with his best musical successes and told part of his life story.

A great emotion felt the fans of the famous Kenini with the announcement of the concert and yesterday, prior to its premiere, it became the number one trend in Mexico and other countries of Latin America, which managed to demonstrate the great impact it has on the public.

The influence, of just 22 years old, managed to beat an audience record in Latin America, as it was the most watched concert via streaming. “Thank you for supporting my career and my dreams. Because everything can be worked very hard,” she shared very excitedly on Instagram.

Kenia Os breaks audience record with MelanKOs; It is the most watched concert in Latin America

It was a real delight for the public, since he dealt with social issues with incredible visuals and showed the stature of an artist that he is with hits such as’Bonita‘, ‘Cocktails‘, ‘Tsunami‘, ‘What’s the matter?‘and many more, showing great versatility.

Dancing, stage presence, stage changes, different outfits and unique moments were what made up this special concert via streaming, which managed to bring together thousands of people to see it completely live.

In collaboration with Shein and other popular brands, he was able to make this very special dream of his career possible. But it was the end of the concert that most impacted his followers, as he performed an unpublished song entitled ‘The night‘, which will be released between October and November.

Disco Influences has this incredible theme, a danceable sound that delights its fans. Keninis. Since the announcement of MelanKOs, the emotion was felt to the surface and his trailer came to cause impatience among his fans, ending with a quality show.

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Kenya Guadalupe Flores Osuna, better known as Kenia Os or “The Keninni“She continues to achieve success after success, not only as a content creator, but also as an entrepreneur with her Kenia Os Beauty line and in the music industry with incredible songs.


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