Karely Ruiz viralizes “little dance” that she does with her beautiful sister and moves her fans

Mexico. Karely Ruiz, the Mexican model and YouTuber who is fashionable on social networks, now shares a video in which appears dancing with her sister and goes viral.

But Karely also manages to move her followers after projecting herself dancing with her sister, whom she undoubtedly loves. The video is shared on Tik Tok and both look delighted with life.

“It’s her whole life, she has said it, she does everything for her family, to give her a better quality of life,” writes a user regarding the video after watching it, and it is truly touching.

Karely and her sister dance to the rhythm of Gogo Dance by El Alfa and you can see him performing the dance steps that correspond to the choreography that has gone viral on networks.

“My whole life”, writes Karely in the title of her post, while other of her fans write: “What a huge feeling when you know that you succeeded and all the sacrifice was dedicated to someone, beautiful”, “Your little sister super happy seeing you.”

Karely Ruiz’s fans are excited to see her have fun with her sister and congratulate her on her big heart: “You are a great human being”, “Keep being humble so you can help others, baby”, others tell her .

Karely’s referred video already exceeds ten million views and in it he is also seen talking about his sister, who suffers from a disability: “my sister has a disability. Everything I do is for her. I work for her. She doesn’t walk. She goes to therapy, in fact, she came in today. I want her to get up from that chair, because she’s in a wheelchair,” writes the influencer.

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Karely is originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, she is currently one of the most famous models in Mexico, she is successful with her OnlyFans page and also as an actress and model in several videos of singers or bands that request her service.

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