Just rock! Presents in CDMX concert for the 50th anniversary of the Avándaro Festival

The most emblematic festival in Mexico, Avándar, celebrates its 50th anniversary this weekend and at the Fábrica de Artes y Oficios (FARO) Cosmos of the Secretariat of Culture of Mexico City, there will be streaming concerts (free) of different talents.

The event can be followed by social networks of the secretariat and by Capital 21 o’clock from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The program, called “Mexican Woodstock”, includes a series of conversations about the censorship suffered by rock in Spanish, which was kept out of the media visibility in Mexico for more than a decade.

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In addition, there will be the presence of members of bands such as: Umbrales, Esteban Gómez González (Former vocalist from Odisseo); Leslie Grun; Heavy Nopal; La Matatena; Risk of Contagion; Those from Below; USSR Under the Tree, to name a few.

The FARO Cosmos It will be adorned with the presence of Dug Dug’s, one of the most emblematic bands of Mexican rock of all time, for being pioneers of the genre, led by its leader and founder Armando Nava; Esteban Gómez González, former member and vocalist of the Odisseo group; “Etel”, rock band from Mexico City; Heavy Nopal, cult band and national rock icon; Jessy Bulbo, composer and former bassist of the group Las Ultrasónicas and La Matatena, one of the best and longest-standing representatives of Mexican ska.

Photo: Secretariat of Culture of Mexico City

Five decades of the most important Mexican rock concert

To commemorate 50 years of Avándaro Festival, recognized for having been censored by the government authorities of the country during the 70s, also has talent from other parts of the world such as: Alex Perales, legendary guitarist from Tijuana, Baja California, who has played with emblematic rock groups of the place, such as Tijuana No.

Founded in 2014 in the city of Tijuana, another of the guests is the band Entre Desierto, whose sound integrates an amalgam of genres; from the electric sounds of Rock, the search for an experimentation of timbres and dynamics that come from Jazz and a strong influence of percussion music.

Others who will meet this weekend are the musician and guitarist Javier Martín del Campo; Lengualerta will arrive from Naucalpan, led by Rodrigo López, a reggae singer whose musical proposal is focused on raising awareness and social transformation through the music and poetry of his lyrics; the group Los de Before and Panashevi, which offers a rock that combines great melodies with punk rock textures and inorganic tinctures, are included in the program.

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The talent via streaming Avándaro, will shine with: 1000 Xander; 400 Drunk Rabbits; Abbadon; Ada Castro; Camel Spider; Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra; Blue Cats; Quote Ricardo; Elo Vit; Between Deserts; Splendor; Felix & The Kats; We were Deer; Metal Warriors; Gus Orozco; Tribute to Marcela; Breathless; Javis La Revo; Kara; The Barranca; The lupita; Megaton; Next; Peace & Love; For the Glory of Metal; Prodigal Son; Dangerous Rhythm; Hidden Faces; Skalo; The Koartadas; Trans Metal and Xochihua, to remember one of the most important festivals in Mexico.

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