Jumapae negotiates with Infonavit and manages to reduce debt of 3.6 million pesos in half

Sinaloa.- The Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Escuinapa (Jumapae) achieves negotiate with Infonavit so that their accounts were unlocked, since for two months that their finances paralyzed them in demand of a millionaire debt dating back more than 15 years.

Geovany Saracco Martínez, manager of Jumapae, reported that after several weeks of approaching and negotiating with the directors of Infonavit, a payment agreement was reached.

“On June 30, our accounts were frozen. With that they limited us to operate, pay suppliers and pay the salaries of the workers. However, we had to get ahead and provide the service to the population, so we had to find strategies to continue operating due to the lack of resources ”, explained the manager.

He reported that the debt amounted to 3.6 million pesos accumulated over 15 years, and with the agreement they were forgiven for one million 800 thousand pesos, so it was possible to reduce this debt with this agency.

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“An agreement with Infonavit was achieved. He was paid 200 thousand pesos at the beginning of the agreement and the first four monthly payments will be 100 thousand pesos. The rest of the fortnights will be 48 thousand pesos. In this way, Infonavit allowed us to unblock it. They wanted more than a million pesos, but we had to do a convincing and formal work, “he said.

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