Julión Álvarez lowers the popularity of Grupo Firme as it is the most listened to on digital platforms

Julian Alvarez The 39-year-old returned to his title of King of the Box Office, this after some media revealed that the singer dethroned Grupo Firme on digital platforms, since he became the most listened to artist in Mexico, putting in the background the group of the moment.

For those who don’t know, Julión Álvarez had been a bit off, but this was due to the legal problems he faced for a while, where he had to take time out of the music industry to fix his problems, but a few months ago he returned and keeps rising like foam.

And it is that if we remember a few years ago the maximum exponent of the Mexican regional was said interpreter, but during his absence for a while, Eduin Caz together with Grupo Firme also consolidated as one of the greats of the medium, but now things have changed a little with this celebrity who has several hits.

For their part, the fans of both celebrities have already reacted and for the most part made it clear that they want to listen not only to new music by Julión Álvarez, but also to his great concerts where he left his soul on stage with his music, since he always positioned himself with the lyrics of their songs.

“From what firm and nodal group did they start with their antics, from there they fell badly, it’s good that Julion came back to see if these young people learn how to behave and treat the public well”, “There is, please, where are they going to compare Julion is Julion is years old of trajectory. The firm ones sell more scandals than music”, “Julón is Julión and although the truth weighs anyone, as they say where he puts the eye, he puts the bullet, and despite what happened to him, he showed that he can handle it and more”, write the networks.

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It is worth mentioning that Julión Álvarez has also been a bit away from the small screen, because if we take a look in the past, we can see that he also appeared in several reality shows, where he delighted the public with his participation, but above all because of his humility.

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