Juan Diego García, the golden child arrived at his home, Sinaloa

In the midst of a great uproar in the María del Rosario Espinoza multipurpose gym, Juan Diego García López arrived in the capital of Sinaloa, who on September 3 won the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games2.

“I am very happy that they receive me in this way. I feel the full support of Sinaloa. This medal is something that I looked for for a long time, when I thought about it I gave my heart in all my training so that it could be achieved and I think that made the difference. I feel very proud to be fulfilling all the objectives that I set myself, ”said the native of Costa Rica, Sinaloa.

It should be noted that the Sinaloan closed a perfect year by winning the world championship, gold for Pan-American and the gold medal in the Paralympics and that he took advantage of the moment to express what was going through his mind when he was getting on the podium.

The Sinaloan was accompanied by his family. Photo: Ricardo Nevárez.

“All the memories came, the effort that both I and my family made. At that moment you realize that everything paid off. I had long dreamed of the medal and at that moment good moments came to me. The love that I put into sport is reflected and we will continue to focus on putting Sinaloa on high, ”explained the 18-year-old.

The Sinaloan was received by family and friends, as well as ISDE authorities. Photo: Ricardo Nevárez.

With this, Juan Diego will not throw bells to the flight, since he still has more feats in his career. “I have many more things to discover, but what I carry at the moment are feelings that have never filled me before like this. They ask me if it continues and I think that I will continue, repeat the feat, because it is something that nothing else allows me and it is nice to see the flag higher up in another continent, “he explained to finish, not without first inviting the young people to fight for their dreams and, like him, conquer the competitions in which they participate.

Carlos Verdugo, director of ISDE accompanied the medalist. Photo: Ricardo Nevárez.


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