Jorge Ramos turns AMLO; Cuba needs freedom of expression and an end to political prisoners. Is it too much to ask?

Mexico.- Journalist Jorge Ramos Ávalos refuted the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador pointing out that what you want for Cuba it is the same that is desired for all of Latin America.

Among these, that they can be carried out free elections and where multiple political parties participate, as well as freedom of the press in which the media independent of the federal government are involved.

In the framework of the visit of the President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, in correspondence to the invitation that President López Obrador made him to be present at the parade of the Armed Forces on the occasion of the 211 Anniversary of the beginning of the Independence of Mexico, the head of the Federal Executive Power launched a speech to ask the government of United States to remove the “economic blockade“which he imposed on the Caribbean island for more than six decades.

Jorge Ramos refutes AMLO for his speech in favor of Cuba / Source: Twitter @jorgeramosnews

Through your official account TwitterThe Univision News presenter emphasized that beyond removing the economic embargo from Cuba, what Latin Americans really want for this and the rest of the nations that make up Latin America is to have democratic and not dictatorial governments.

“Free elections and multipartidistas; freedom of the press with independent media; no political prisoners, official assassinations or torture; an economy that does not discriminate Is it too much to ask? “Wrote Ramos Ávalos on the social network.

The visit of President Miguel Díaz-Canel, known for his closeness to Fidel and Raúl Castro, has provoked multiple criticisms of the government of the Fourth Transformation. The opposition parties, especially the PAN, they have accused President López Obrador of “apapachar“and” entertain ” dictators, pointing out that the Cuban head of state violates the human rights and freedoms of the island’s citizens.

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For their part, there are those who have given a “cordial welcome” to Díaz-Canel. Such is the case of the parliamentary group of the Labor Party (PT) in the Chamber of Deputies, who criticized the “attempt by the right” to discredit the president’s visit.

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