Jorge Daniel Pagola seeks the presidency of the Muralla Sports Club

Updating statutes, that the club is reborn, remodeling the facilities so that the members have decent spaces, are among the objectives that Professor Jorge Daniel has set himself Pagola Ríos, candidate of the Yellow Sheet for the presidency of the Sports Club Wall.

The elections will be held in the palapa of Club Muralla on Sunday 26 this month from 08:00 to 14:00.

If you are the winner, Pagola will replace a Jorge Celis, which will end your period.

Pagola presented the members that make up his Yellow Sheet.
He took the opportunity to report the deficiencies that the club has had in recent years in which there has not been an assembly.

The Muralla Club will be 101 years old
“On October 7, the Muralla Sports Club will celebrate 101 years of life. In 1920, Juan Gavica, a 20-year-old young man, was the club’s first president, and Celso Ocampo, 18, was the secretary, ”said Pagola.

The candidate for the Yellow Sheet commented that it was in 1943 when the facilities were built and the Muralla Sports Club was registered.

“It is a pity that for 20 years the doors were closed and no more members were allowed. We want the club to be reborn, we want to update bylaws and remodel the facilities. The partners do not have decent spaces, ”Jorge Daniel pointed out.

More objectives of Pagola
Pagola will also seek collaboration agreements with municipal and state authorities, as well as with large companies and rescue traditional events that have been lost in the club, such as the Muralla-Muralla anniversary race, basketball tournaments and children’s and youth soccer, which managed to gather more than 10 teams.

In addition, he wants to open the doors to amputee soccer and do the club’s anniversary dances.
“I want the club to be a physical and mental activation for the new generations. In 1922 two soccer teams from Sinaloa faced each other for the first time and it was organized by the Muralla Club ”, argued Professor Pagola.

“The previous directives have not been helped, we have about 500 partners, 200 of them active, who pay monthly fees and 300 fees. The truth is that the contributions to cover expenses are not enough, so it is urgent to have more members in the club, ”commented the candidate for the murallense presidency.

The data
Elaborating and operating operational financial programs for the better use of the Club Muralla’s heritage for the benefit of its income is another of the objectives of Professor Jorge Daniel Pagola Ríos, with 40 years as a member of the city.

President: Jorge Daniel Pagola Ríos
Vice President: Armando Martínez Espinoza
Secretary: Víctor Rodríguez Macías
Pro secretary: Jorge Pérez López
Treasurer: Ramiro Martínez Herrera
Pro treasurer: Víctor Vázquez Gomezllanos
First owner member: Roberto Vázquez
First alternate member: Gerardo Flores Gutiérrez
Second owner member: Rafael Alberto Zararáin Osuna
Second alternate member: Sergio Sánchez Ávila
Third member owner: Armando Ibarra Hernández
Third alternate member: Gustavo Burgueño Ríos
Fourth member owner: Luis Mendoza Palomares
Fourth alternate member: Daniel Mendoza Olguín
Finance and Gloss Commission
President: José Antonio Peraza Ramos
First vowel: Julián Corona Barreto
Second vowel: Rosendo Gordillo Mendoza
Honor and Justice Commission
President: Octavio Ochoa Galindo
Vice President: José Osuna Morales
Owner member: Antonio Martínez Berecochea and Salvador Villafuerte Gómez
Alternate member: Segundo Beltrán Mendoza and Juan Carlos Uriarte Inzunza
Payroll representative: Víctor Margarito Hernández Hernández.


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