Jorge Cordero will soon release music

After the scourge of the coronavirus in our country that put hundreds of activities and businesses on hold, one of the sectors that are still suffering its ravages is the music industry, as there are no total conditions for the return of the singers to the stage. However, many of them have gradually been having presentations, where most of the population is already vaccinated. It is the case of Jorge Lamb, which is back with a new musical proposal and possible concerts in the United States.

The musical themes

The singer shared that three cuts will be released, which are titled, My doctor, Analyze the advice and I like those of 40, that he plans to promote in Mexico City within the framework of Expo Compositores, to be held next October. He also revealed that he will take advantage of his stay in the country’s capital to do a media tour and spread his new record production.

Cordero said in an interview with EL DEBATE that he is already processing work visas so that they can soon start with presentations in the American Union, where many of his colleagues are already offering concerts. Remember that in the neighboring country to the north, most of its population is already vaccinated against the virus.

The interpreter trusts that the melodies will soon be in the public’s taste, since they are very “catchy” lyrics, with which people could identify with the story. He mentioned that the first will be released at the end of this month, the second in October and the third in November.

About musical duets

Regarding the collaborations that today are having a lot of success between solo singers and bands, he stated that for his part have not thought about joining another colleague to undertake a tour or launch a musical theme, but he stressed that years ago, when Banda MS started, he participated with the group, a situation that even led them to have some presentations together in some states of the republic.

The composer also said that in these times, anyone can record a song or be part of a group, even if they don’t have a “good voice”, because there are already some elements (digital programs) that refine the voice.

Notice that right now it’s easier, right? Right now even a singer who doesn’t sing so well they tune it up for you, they square it up, and before you had to sing well to be able to record something, ”shared Jorge.

He regretted that many of the celebrities have to resort to playback, a fact that somehow calls into question the vocal quality of the artist, since in some cases the voice is not the same as the public hears in a recording to which it is hear in a live artist show.

It is not easy to sing live and even less to sing with a band. People from over there in Mexico (Mexico City) know perfectly well that the band is very perfect ”, said the experienced group member.

Presentations in Mexico

Cordero also said that he will soon be working on the State of Mexico, Guadalajara and Tijuana, so he was happy that little by little some places are reopening where events can already be held so that people can attend concerts. He indicated that on September 18 he will have a presentation in a bar here in Mazatlán, to which he invited those who like to go to remember the great successes he has had during his 41 years of artistic career.

He added that it has been a satisfaction to be part of this industry, to have been part of one of the most important bands such as a band. El Limón, by Salvador Lizárraga, since nowadays many of the young singers recognize him, but above all, that they tell him that he has been an inspiration for some of them.


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