Jesús Vizcarra, during his visit to Mazatlan, considers that the Mexican economy is doing well

Sinaloa.- For the businessman Jesus Vizcarra the economic situation in Mexico “is going well” despite the problems that the pandemic has brought with it.

There is more distribution of wealth and it is the most needy who receive support that allows them to move forward. And he referred to those who complain about the economic situation in the country and pointed out that “it is the richest who complain about not earning as before.”

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Jesús Vizcarra, one of the most important businessmen in the country, was in Mazatlan yesterday and without much paraphernalia visited and toured the facilities of the Viva clinic, where lung strengthening therapies are provided, aimed mainly at those who suffered from covid-19. A project planned by the creator of the Salud Digna clinics and transferred in another concept to Mazatlan.

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