JC Urías with the aim of fighting for Cy Young

THIS WEDNESDAY, Julio César Urías returns to the center of Chávez Rabin’s diamond to face the Arizona Diamonds in the final stretch of the Major League regular season. The lefty, with a 17-3 record and an 8-0 run, has several challenges.

FIRST, achieve victory 18 that will keep him as the top winner of the majors and line up with a firm step, to win this award. In the same way, he will try to get closer to the magic figure of 20 victories, to tie the best mark of a Sinaloan pitcher, Teodoro Higuera in 1986 with Milwaukee. And not only that, with a maximum of four remaining starts, he does not rule out that he could reach the same number of wins and reach 21, a record held by legend Fernando Valenzuela and Esteban Loaiza.

THERE’S OTHERS interesting arguments in each of these openings by the left-handed de la Higuerita. One of them, I think is the most important, is to continue in the fight for the prestigious Cy Young award, dedicated to the best pitcher of the year. This point has been analyzed and the famous conversations are not on the side of the star of the Dodgers.

THE FACT being the most winning pitcher, it is not enough to secure this headband. The specialists, consider that the base is the effectiveness and strikeouts. And in this area, Urías does not appear among the best. Stats that are compelling, put him 10th in ERA with 2.98 with 28 appearances.

TENTH PLACE in innings pitched with 163.1. Sixteenth in accepted hits with 135, he has allowed 18 home runs that put him nineteenth. Twelfth in strikeouts with 175 and seventh in WHIP with 1.03, which is another key stat. The analysts also stand out, which has 15 games that does not exceed six innings and on no occasion has it reached 8 chapters. He’s two out of seven.

HERE FROM At the moment, they underpin their teammate Max Scherzer as a wide favorite, because he is the leader in ERA with 2.17 and WHIP with 0.82. He has the lowest batting average of opponents with 1.75, second in strikeouts with 219 and third in wins with 14.

WHAT REMAINS to Julio César, is that in each exit at the end of the campaign, he comes out victorious, as a counterweight at the time of voting. We must not forget that he is just completing his first full season of 162 games and has maintained consistency.

TODAY FACES to the worst team in the National League and second of all the majors like Arizona-46-97-, but his rival on the hill will be the experienced and laureate, Madison Bumgarner, who has a record of 7-10. Remember, it was the base of the Giants, for three world series, in 2010, 2012 and 2014. The Dodgers won 5-1 against the coralillos on Monday. Urías, must not give up, so that he continues in the fight for the top of the West, which does not want to let go of San Francisco, which until yesterday had a 2.5 game advantage.

THE HOLDERS ARRIVE sour cherries to boot camp icing. It takes color with the presence of, Sebastián Elizalde, Ramiro Peña, the return of Ali Solis and the catcher of the year, Alexis Wilson.

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