JC Chávez confirms rehabilitation of his children: “Sometimes they take the wrong path”

Mexico City.- Julio Cesar Chavez went through in a position similar to the one that his children are involved in today, because in an interview with the program Ventaneando of the television channel Tv Azteca, the Great Mexican Champion confirmed that his children, Julio César Chávez Jr and Omar Chavez They are in rehab, due to addiction problems.

“They are in recovery, I think they are going to be well physically, mentally and spiritually, because they are good and very noble. Unfortunately on certain occasions they take the wrong path,” said the former fighter in the scheduled shows.

While JC Chávez contemplates with various rehabilitation centers and clinics after experiencing what his children have to face at their current age. During his golden age as professional boxer, Chávez was involved in the controversy over drug use, although he had not previously carried out an anti-doping test, so he never had a problem getting into the ring.

Even the father of Julio and Omar recognizes that the boxing career of his disciples was in decline with the passage of their fights, pointing out the months of preparation as the maximum culprit, alluding to the fact that their rebellion and little interest made them be among those strung with an ineffective weight for a function of box.

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“Their careers have been falling apart fight after fight because they do not arrive well prepared. They did not prepare, they were not well in terms of conscience, because they have faculties, unfortunately at the time of the fight they were heavy, they did not train as they should”, indicated during the interview.

Even in the recent performance of “Los Tres Chávez” both Omar Chávez and Julio César Chávez Jr were overcome during the contest that the night at the Jalisco Stadium simply disappointed for them, but not for their father who shone against the former boxer’s son deceased Héctor “Macho” Camacho Matías.

Julio César Chávez lost in exhibition
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For now, Julio César Chávez will continue to dedicate himself to broadcasting his maximum analysis of the boxing fights with the team of the Casa del Boxeo de Tv Azteca, as well as being aware of the improvement of his children after being annexed by addiction problems.

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