Japama commits to address collapsed drains in Ahome

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- It is a reality that there are problems of collapsed drainage not only in the city of Los Mochis but also in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Ahome; however, due to the high demand for reports, it has been impossible to attend to all of them satisfactorily.

This was stated by Hernán Medina, general manager of the Japama, who explained that the delay in repairs is also due to the fact that at this time at least five vactor trucks are under repair.


“There are many clogs in the drains due to the amount of sediment, that greatly affects the operation of the system, which in the end doubles or triples the cost and work for us. Unfortunately, five vactor trucks left for the workshop due to the large amount of sediment that we found, we hope that the following week they will be available and that we will be able to comply with the situations in the rural area ”, he indicated.

It is worth mentioning that recently collapsed drains were denounced in Debate in communities and fishing grounds such as El Colorado and Compuertas, places where they assure that they have had this problem for many months.

Even the residents of these settlements affirm that the conflict has been denounced repeatedly to Japama, but they have not received a favorable response.

The municipal official added that in the same way there are some reports for the urban area, in which there is also a schedule for the repair work.


“The only part where we have reports is in the extension of October 12, which is not municipalized, it is not delivered to the municipality and Japama only enters to perform services or care where there is a network that was delivered to the municipality. We have other areas but we mainly have in that neighborhood, but, I repeat, it does not have a network recognized by us, “he added.

Finally, the official asked citizens to contact Japama to make their report so that it can be scheduled for their attention.

“Tell them to mark the board to make the request for it to be attended,” he mentioned.

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Complaints result for collapsed drains in Ahome

During the last weeks, reports of collapsed drains throughout the municipality of Ahome have been on the rise.

Neighbors from different neighborhoods and communities have made public the situation of sewage overflows that have not only generated problems in the house system, but have also caused gastrointestinal and skin diseases.

In Gateways they cry out for a solution to collapsed drainage

Desperate because they have practically lived in dirty waters for weeks, residents of the Compuertas ejido decided to publicly denounce the situation.

Angélica “N” said that her family and neighbors are desperate because the problem is not only in one house, but in the whole street, which worsens the situation in the homes.

In that sense, he commented that due to this situation it is impossible for them to enter the toilets of their homes, so they have to do their physiological needs in buckets or in the homes of relatives.

“The problem is in Antonio Rosales and Toledo Corro streets, the problem is in the whole street. We have tried to make Japama come, but we have not succeeded; So we don’t know what to do, ”he said.

In the same way, he commented that because the dirty water is in the open, many have gotten sick to their stomachs or with skin infections, so they ask for the immediate intervention of the authorities.

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“What we are looking for is for Japama to come and solve the problem for us. I was complaining the other day because the receipts do not stop bringing them, even in the same receipt comes the collection of sanitation, but the reality is that since they put the drainage we have never seen that they give it maintenance. ”

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