Jalisco Prosecutor confirms the death of 4 elements during armed confrontation in El Salto

El Salto, Jalisco.- After the bloody confrontation between police and armed civilians in El Salto, Jalisco, state authorities attended the media and told the official and preliminary version of what happened.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported in a preliminary manner that the meeting with the alleged criminals took place when personnel from the prosecution accompanied by elements of the Municipal police, They were carrying out research work in the area, following up on an investigation folder, specifically the complaint about the disappearance of two men that could be found in the spring colony in the jump.

The agents located the home where two men were deprived of their liberty and realized that those guarding the area were armed civilians who, in his presence, did not hesitate to open fire.

The prosecution confirmed the discharge of 4 police officers between 25 and 35 years of age belonging to the police station The jumpjust as it is certain that 6 civilians were killed in the fight that took place in two different addresses.

On the spot it was achieved release the 2 individuals who remained handcuffed by the armed people.

The identity of the men released after the confrontation has not yet been confirmed and it would be reported in the course of the next few hours if they were the people reported as missing.

It was also confirmed that 8 alleged aggressors were injured and will remain at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

Personnel from the National Guard and the Mexican Army attended the scene to strengthen security in the area, touring it to follow up on the investigation of the events.

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So far the only detainees were people who were injured during the exchange of fire and are already receiving medical care to be brought to justice.

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