Ivonne Montero reveals that Humberto Zurita violated her when they worked together on a novel

Mexico. Actress and singer Ivonne montero share in an interview with the television program The sun rises that was violated by the actor Humberto Zurita, when long ago they worked together.

Ivonne Montero and Humberto Zurita starred in the telenovela Secrets of the soul between 2008 and 2009, but to tell the truth about her, there were some moments between them not so nice in the recordings.

“I was doing my thing and there was a moment when there was a fairly strong physical aggression in a scene and I was already carrying his continuous disrespect of pushing me,” he refers to Zurita.

Ivonne also emphasizes that if she suddenly had a kiss scene with Humberto, he was pushing her and he took it off, and he never understood the reason for his behavior.

But tired of such a situation, Ivonne decided to put an end to these mistreatments and the moment came when she complained to Humberto about his attitude towards her and they had a “very strong” discussion.

Secrets of the soul was a story that was broadcast on Televisión Azteca years ago and in which Gabriela Vergara, Aura Cristina Geithner, Rodrigo Abed and Juan Manuel Bernal, among other actors, also participated as actors.

In the same interview with Sale el Sol, Ivonne shares that she had a sentimental partner who began to physically attack her and spoke about it, but it happened again and so he decided to quit.

Ivonne Montero is originally from Mexico City and began her artistic career in 1997 on Televisa and achieved recognition after having been part of the film El tigre de Santa Julia, in 2002.

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During 2004 he managed to star in the telenovela ¡Anita, no te rajes! and since then he has been working in film, theater and television on different projects.

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