Ivona Dadic looks like a queen on the beaches of Croatia

Russian athlete Ivona Dadic put training on the running track aside to take a getaway to the beautiful beaches of Croatia and escape the world of athletics and high performance for a bit.

Dadic una beautiful blonde who has captivated by her beauty in athletics, I do not think twice to take a slight respite and take a short vacation and enjoy the sand, the sun and the noise of the waves of the sea.

The beautiful Russian is recognized for being one of the most beautiful athletes in the world and not only that, one of the most dedicated in the heptathlon test in the Olympic Games and in the World Championships.

Every time she goes out on the track to play against rivals, the gaze is always on the beautiful blonde and her beautiful figure that stand out every time he competes on the track.

Now Ivona Dadic waits a bit for international competitions taking a short break and showing her followers on Instagram a little of what she does in her day to day, where hard training is not all.

The click that the Russian has made with her followers has given her to increase her number on her official Instagram account.

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The blonde comes from participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, where she was left without a medal for her delegation.

Ivona Dadic put aside her training to go to the beach. Photo: Instagram Ivona Dadic


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