It’s official! They present the 38th edition of the CDMX Marathon: it will be run on November 28

Next Sunday, November 28, the 38th edition of the Mexico City Marathon 2021, while on Sunday, December 19, the 14th Half Marathon of Mexico City 2021 will take place.

Both events will be carried out with all the sanitary security measures, they will have a limit of 20 thousand participants; the registration cost will be 650 pesos for the Marathon, while the Half will have a value of 500 pesos.

The 21-kilometer stretch will advance from the statue of Little horse with goal at the monument to Angel of Independence; for its part, the 42.1-kilometer race at Ciudad Universitaria de la National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) to the capital’s Zócalo.

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The foregoing was announced at a press conference headed by the Secretary of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SECTEI), Rosaura Ruiz Gutierrez, and the general director of the Sports Institute (INDEPORTE), Rodrigo Dosal Ulloa.

“It was very exciting for me to participate for the first time in a marathon organization in 2019, then the pandemic came and then in 2020 we could not do it, we are all aware of why, and that is why I am so glad that we can. to do, because the situation has changed, firstly because now we already have vaccination with a very important advance in the city, we have rapid tests that help us a lot to detect the possibility of having Covid-19, “said Rosaura Ruiz.

A race for everyone

For his part, Dosal Ulloa reported the details of the calls for both races, as well as the announcement of the recovery of the 2020 Marathon medal, alluding to the Castle chapultepec, through the Mexico City Virtual Marathon “Recover your Medal”, to be held from October 22 to 31, with an inscription of 300 pesos.

He also announced the creation of the Virtual Children’s Mini Marathon, aimed at girls and boys, as well as adolescents, with a cost of 200 pesos.

Referring to athletes with different capacities, he explained that the problem with disability or different capacities of many people is being addressed here, and stressed that this inclusive capacity of the marathon is perceived, where people with wheelchairs and with visual weakness

“Because we use environmentally friendly materials, reusable and biodegradable materials, we recycle all the waste we generate, we plant trees for every ton of carbon dioxide generated by the marathon, we compost the organic waste generated at the event, and we treat the water that is used in mobile toilets to avoid contaminating other issues, “said Ulloa.

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Similarly, Alejandro Fernández Varela, director of University Sports at UNAM; Daniela Torres Huerta, marathoner; José Antonio Uribe Marino, marathoner; Ivonne Reyes Gómez, marathoner in the wheelchair category; Alfonso Zaragoza Solorio, marathoner in the wheelchair category; Marta López, category blind and visually impaired; and Alejandro Moya, a blind and partially sighted marathoner.

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