“It’s a vile lie”: Lilly Téllez denies having left 64 sessions in the Senate after taking the list

Mexico.- The PAN senator, Lilly Téllez, denied being “failure” in the Senate of the Republicafter being criticized on social networks not only for being absent from the recent vote on the Mayan Train, but also because apparently on 64 occasions he called the roll and left of the legislative precinct, in addition to having 26 faults.

Through her official Twitter account, Lilly Téllez responded to the accusations that she was branded as missing, after the portal However published a note documenting his absences in the Senate. Without denying her absences, the PAN member denied having left after taking the roll call 64 times.

To verify that it is a “vile lie” and is usually present on the premises, he even suggested questioning President AMLO, who refused to go to the Senate for “fear” of his presence, as well as the Security Cabinet and the Undersecretary of Health , Hugo López-Gatell, whom he confronted when they came to appear.

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It is a vile lie that I took roll and left the Senate 64 times. Ask the President, who justified his absence from the Senate for fear of my presence. To the entire Security Cabinet, which paled when I confronted them there for their null results… and to López Gatell,” he replied. Lilly Téllez on her absences in the Senate.

The mistakes of Lilly Téllez in the Senate

According to official records, since she arrived in the Senate in September 2018 to date, the former brunette has accumulated 26 excused absencesfour absences for being in official commission, 12 sessions in which he called the roll but was not in plenaryas well as others 52 sessions in which he missed at least one of the votes after passing list.

It should be noted that some of the excused absences of the newly affiliated to the PAN coincide with the days in which he announced his contagion of Covid-19, such as last February 16, 22 and 23, but also highlight their absences in plenary votes despite the fact that their attendance appears accounted for, as happened on November 11, 2021, when the General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence was voted.

During her first year as a senator, when she was part of the Morena’s bench, Lilly Téllez had three excused absences, in addition to being absent from various votes held in seven sessions. In the second ordinary period, from February to April 2019, she had two justified absences and one more due to an official commission, but she also did not participate in five of eight sessions, although she called the roll.

Subsequently, he was absent from three of the four sessions of the third extraordinary period of the Senate. During the first ordinary period of her second year as a legislator, she had 16 absences during the voting, of which in two days she did not participate in any of the issues addressed in the Plenary.

Regarding her third year in the Senate, the PAN member accumulated four justified absences, but she also left five sessions in the Plenary, absenting herself in several of the votes. Between February and April 2021, she was absent in 10 of the 11 votes on decisions held on March 11, as well as in three of the five votes on the 17th of the same month, while she only had one justified absence.

During her fourth year as a senator, Lilly Téllez was excused absent four times, but she also dropped out 14 sessions, three of them without participating in any of the votes, and the other 11 with some votes after which he later left. While from February 2022 to date, he accumulates three justified absences and absences in five of the nine votes of opinions discussed last March 2.

This information is released after the recent criticism received by Lilly Téllez for not attending the vote on the appearance on the Mayan Train held in the Senate last Wednesday, March 30, in which, by only two votes difference, the opposition did not achieve the objective of summoning the heads of Fonatur, Profepa and Semarnat to explain the reasons for the change in the outline of the section 5 of the Mayan Train.

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In this regard, the PAN senator came to her defense arguing that she had to be absent due to health problems, while affirmed that “AMLO could not be stopped” and the jungle would not be destroyed for lack of your vote.

“To those who ask me about my vote, I thank you and I give you an answer: I did not go to the senate today for a health matter; I have seven hernias in the spine, four cervical and three lumbar. There are bad days, today was one of those,” explained Lilly Téllez via Twitter.

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