“It seems vile to me,” Fernández Noroña reacts to Téllez’s complaint that links him to a criminal group

Mexico.- The federal deputy of the Labor Party (PT), Gerardo Fernández Noroña, described as “vile” that the senator of the National Action Party (PAN), Lilly Tellezhas linked him to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

The foregoing after this Saturday the PAN legislator published in her official account of Twitter some screenshots of WhatsApp where they threaten her, warning her that having referred to Noroña as “Changoeon” it will weigh you down

Last week, in full session of the Permanent Commission of the Union Congressthe exmorenista called the PT deputy “Changoleón”, in reference to a homeless person who appeared on a television program.

Before the screenshot with the threat that Téllez’s assistant received to his cell phone number, Fernández Noroña came out to defend himself from the indirect accusations that the PAN member made against him.

Making use of his social networks, the legislator allied with the Fourth Transformation indicated that he hopes that Lilly Téllez has filed the complaint for the threats of which he was the target before the corresponding instances.

“I hope that Senator María del Carmen Téllez has filed the complaint for the alleged threats. The alleged threats seem so vile to me, like wanting to link me to a criminal group,” he said.

Fernandez Noroña responds to Lilly Téllez for linking him to criminal group/Source: Twitter @fernandeznorona

In this sense, Fernández Noroña described as “vile” both the alleged threats received by the legislator of the state of Sonoraas well as the fact that you want to associate him with a criminal group.

It was during the session of the last day of last May when, looking for deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña among the legislators present at the session of the Permanent Commission of the Federal Legislative Power, the PAN member referred to him as “Changoleón”, while criticized the alleged intervention of Mexican criminal groups in the Electoral elections of the state of Sinaloa of 2021.

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“I want to confirm that Congressman Changoleón is listening to you, (…) please explain to Congressman Changoleón, who came to this Chamber, how organized crime operated in Sinaloa, and pay attention to Changoleón, because you are the political arm of crime. organized, you Changoleón are a criminal supported by organized crime, explain the dirty things, the violence that occurred in the Sinaloa elections, cowardly Changoleón, ”he sentenced.

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