It is not all bad news. Jessica, a survivor of Cerro del Chiquihuite, is discharged

After six days interned in the Maximiliano Ruiz Castañeda General Hospital, from Naucalpan, Mexico state, Jessica Martínez received medical discharge after being injured as a result of the dislocation of the Cerro del Chiquihuite, in Tlalnepantla.

The news was released by the Mexican Ministry of Health, while the young woman from 28 years, the only survivor so far, among the initial disappeared, will continue to be observed and rehabilitated from home.

While they allowed her to leave the hospital after her health was reported as stable, since she was not in serious condition when she was rescued from the rubble, almost at the same time that the emergency elements recovered the body of her sister Mariana.

They also reported that the girl, who graduated from the Bachelor of Psychology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (ONE), you will receive constant feedback from Neurosurgery and Orthopedics for the injuries he had.

While her family, including her brother Jesús Alejandro, and her father Gustavo, took her to the home of some relatives in Ecatepec, where they are sleeping after the collapse of their home in the colony Lázaro Cárdenas Third Section.

At the same time, the rosaries continue for Mariana Martínez, the first mortal victim of Friday’s breakdown September, 10th, and who was followed by little Mia, 3 years old.

Follow the search

On the other hand, state and municipal authorities reiterated that the search jobs of the two people who are still missing after the collapse of one face of the hill in Tlalnepantla.

However, due to the increased possibility of a new breakdown, as well as the landslide of the stones that fell on Friday, the authorities reduced the search cells for eight to only three members, who can search the rubble of 60 to 90 minutes.

This, while they continue to find no human evidence after removing the body of the three-year-old child, while they continue to search for her mother Paola and her brother Jorge.

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Also in the afternoon, it was reported that, in addition to decreasing the cells, they will place 70 tons of material to avoid new landslides due to the rain and the possibility that neighbors of the region celebrate the Independence of Mexico with pyrotechnicsTherefore, in addition to the operations to avoid the thunder of fireworks, they are already preparing the entry of machinery.

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