It is much better to correct by winning

Within the sport as life itself, there are many phrases or the so-called “clichés”, used to define the situation or face circumstances, so this time I am going to use one around the actions of the Mexican Soccer Team after the first encounters in the octagonal final of Concacaf: “It is much better to correct by winning”.

The current month marked the beginning of the last stage of the qualifying rounds towards the Qatar World Cup next year, where Mexico started in a good way even without showing its full potential, or at least not the one expected by fans. The media and the football society itself, however, the balance has been very positive.

A total of 7 points in 3 games, the product of two wins and a draw, placing himself as the leader of the qualifier in search of a direct place, hoping not to suffer as he did two World Cups when he went to the playoff against New Zealand.

It began with a tight 2-1 victory against Jamaica, a match that took place on the Azteca stadium field but without fans in the stands due to the sanction already known after the homophobic cry that we all know, being a positive start in the result, but that left some doubts.

Later came a couple of visits, first against Costa Rica, a rival that has grown in level, but that reaches the qualifying rounds with some losses and where the Mexicans took the opportunity to beat them in Costa Rica with a score of 1-0, with Orbelín Pineda the scorer by means of the maximum penalty.

The third duel for those led by Gerardo Martino, was visiting Panama on canal soil, where the weakest performance of the three duels was had and culminated with a draw at one point, which leaves a bittersweet taste.

Now let’s go to the count of this start of the tricolor, 7 very good points but with much to improve, it is where that mentioned “cliché” comes in that it is preferable to correct errors when the result is positive, although the ways have not been as expected, when Ultimately, the units are the ones that give you the pass to the objective.

The next commitments are Canada, Honduras and El Salvador, where ours have the historical obligation to add triumphs, since, let’s face it, Mexico would not have to battle or suffer in an area like Concacaf, at least that is my position within soccer. global.

We finish off with this great phrase used by many DTs, players and managers: “IT IS MUCH BETTER TO CORRECT BY WINNING”.

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