It is difficult to supply water without electricity to Capomos, El Fuerte: JAPAF

Sinaloa.- While the El Fuerte Drinking Water and Sewerage Board (JAPAF) don’t count on him electric energy service it will be very difficult to supply the Water to the Capomos community by pipeline, informed Javier Solís.

“In what we do not have the electric power service, it will be very difficult. The generator does not give us the capacity so that the entire plant is working at one hundred percent. Right now we are working at 75 or 80 percent more or less, what is required of water for the head and the three localities that it feeds “.

The manager of the El Fuerte Potable Water and Sewerage Board said that the situation is very complicated and what remains of their administration as the Water Board will continue working and striving to provide service to the people, whether with generators or pipes. .

He mentioned that all this has arisen as a result of the Federal electricity commission They cut off the power supply from the El Fuerte plant, Sinaloa, which is where Capomos is also served.

“We installed generators to put the plant into operation again, but the generators do not make the plant work at one hundred percent, therefore, there is no water supply capacity for the header and send it to Capomos, which is the same system “.

He added that they are bringing water to this community in pipes while the problem is solved.

“From us we are sending them two pipes of Conagua, we send them twice a week, and I understand that Public Services with their pipes also sent them another two days a week. Normally, six pipes are used per week to fill the town. day”.

Given the complaint of the inhabitants of Capomos that the water they send them is not enough, Javier Solís said that they will see how to serve them another day with the shipment of pipes, and see that Public Services make them a little more shipments too.

“Because we are also supplying Chinobampo that the wells there have not yet recovered and Canutillo that the water table level there has not recovered either to be able to turn on the well equipment.”

The municipal official added that CFE is owed around 13 million pesos and that they need to start paying so that they can supply them with energy again.

“With CFE there was an agreement that could not be fulfilled, it was approximately one million 600 thousand pesos per month (of fertilizers), the fertilizers were being given in that sense, but there was not enough money, the agreement could not be fulfilled and therefore the situation in which we are “.

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Yesterday, Capomos residents demonstrated at the Municipal Palace and blocked the Los Mochis-El Fuerte highway due to the demand that they solve the problem of drinking water supply.

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