It is difficult to solve the drinking water issue in Navolato: councilor

Sinaloa.- The water theme in the municipality of Navolato it is very difficult to solve, because in addition to the large number of people who they don’t pay the bill there are also many who are illegally connected, explained the councilor for the Labor Party (PT), Martín Rubio.

He explained that there are some homes where a fixed fee is paid, up to five hoses are connected, which affects the finances of the Navolato Potable Water and Sewerage Board (Japan).

He explained that there are people who approach the councilors to support them with discounts on water bills but they owe 60,000 to 80,000 pesos, which means that they have not paid for water for years.

The councilor explained that there are many people who tell them that it is the government’s obligation to provide them with drinking water, but if they do not pay for the service, they cannot maintain the pipes, they cannot make it drinkable and they cannot pay the Commission’s bill. Federal Electricity (CFE).

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Japan currently owes about 11 million pesos to the CFE, which as a measure of pressure has been cutting off the service to the water wells. Despite this, according to the authorities, many defaulters have not come to pay.

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