“It is an invitation in a personal capacity”: Quirino Ordaz responds to Alejandro Moreno, leader of the PRI

Sinaloa.- After having accepted the invitation made by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to join your cabinet, the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz CoppelHe said that some protocols and procedures still need to be complied with to assume the position of Mexican ambassador to Spain.

From on posture

“First you have to wait, there are some protocols, there is a process, some procedures, you know that diplomatically you have to be very respectful of all times because first it is the approval and then it is an appearance in the Senate”, said Ordaz Coppel when approached by the media during the inauguration of the lights of the Black Bridge of Culiacán.

Regarding the statements of the national president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Moreno, that the state president could be expelled from this party, Ordaz Coppel replied:

“It is an invitation in a personal capacity that the president made me, it is a recognition of the Sinaloans.”

He was asked if he was afraid of being expelled from the ranks of the PRI, to which he replied: «Let’s see, that is an internal part of the party, that is different, it is a proposal to represent the nation, the country; I have people of all colors in my government and this is based on profiles, skills, resumes ”.

«I am doing, in the internal case of the party, with which I am grateful for the confidence that he gave me to be his candidate, but I govern for all Sinaloans, and the president (Andrés Manuel López) sees what he sees as its results. you will know, and there are the results, the work that was done here in Sinaloa, “said Quirino Ordaz.

Are you going to Morena?

He was also asked that if the PRI expelled him, he would go to the ranks of Morena, he replied: “I’m not in it, part of the party, I’m here to help serve Mexico.”
Regarding the criticism raised by this invitation made by López Obrador: «In life there are many expressions and that must be had; in a family there are always different points of view and that is part of what strengthens and enriches life in society ».

As for the voices that indicate that he is prepared to be an ambassador, he expressed: “I am a governor, I think it gives you all the experiences, capabilities, for what it means to pass from the polls and more to govern a state like Sinaloa.”

On another topic, regarding the collapse of the structure of a shoe store in the Center of Culiacán, he mentioned that he has been speaking with the mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro to see how they can support. “I need to talk with the president, let’s see that,” said Quirino Ordaz.

To understand …

The PRI warns about punishment

The national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno, warned Quirino Ordaz, who was invited by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to accept a diplomatic post, which must abide by the statutes of his party.

“In the event that the National Political Council does not approve the license, and the party cadre decides to accept the order, this would imply the loss of membership in accordance with the statutes of our party,” he said.

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Moreno said that any PRI militant who receives invitations from a different party, assumes it in a personal capacity and must be approved by the National Political Council. “We are not going to allow the intentions of the Morena government to divide either the # VaPorMéxico coalition or the PRI,” he tweeted.

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