It does not respect age! 4-year-old girl dies from Covid-19 in Texas

Austin.- Kali Cook was barely 4 years old when died from Covid-19 last Tuesday in the town of Bacliff, Texas. This case was considered extremely rare by the Galveston County Health District authorities, as the girl he lost his life a few hours after symptoms began.

The little girl was diagnosed with coronavirus During the afternoon of Monday, September 6, in the early hours of Tuesday she began to present a fever and was medicated. Five hours later he died in his sleep.

“I ended up having Covid-19 and I was diagnosed on Monday,” said Karra Harwood, Kali’s mother.

“I came home and isolated myself. I tried to stay away and I didn’t want her and my other kids to understand. [Kali] He died in his sleep, “he added.

The girl was not vaccinated against the coronavirus, since the doses of the biological for minors are not yet authorized in the United States. In addition, her mother was against vaccination and therefore was not inoculated at the time of testing positive for Covid-19, today she says she is sorry for her decision.

“I was one of the people who was against it, I was against it,” he told the local newspaper The Daily News Galveston before assuring that “Now, I wish I had never been”

Kali was described by her mother as a “very funny and daring” girl who “preferred to play with worms and frogs than to wear bows”.

She was not your average girl. I’d rather play with worms and frogs than wear bows. She was so pretty and full of life, ”he described.

The girl is the youngest fatality of Covid-19 in Galveston County, where there have been 465 deaths associated with this disease since the beginning of the pandemic. No other resident under the age of 20 has succumbed to the effect of the coronavirus.

The Dicknson Independent School District reported late Thursday that Kali was a student at an elementary school in Bacliff, she last attended classes on September 1. After this revelation, health officials estimated that the girl contracted the virus after that day.

The contact tracing carried out in the district indicates that the children and adults of the aforementioned school who had contact with the minor tested negative for the coronavirus, according to statements made by Philip Keizer.

The Galveston County Local Health leader called the death a tragedy and urged parents to give their children timely medical attention to prevent such scenarios.

“This is a terrible thing, but I think people should know about it. It is very important that your children are sick, you should not say ‘Oh, they will be fine’, if your children are sick, seek medical attention ”.

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More and more children are testing positive for Covid-19 in the United States due to the presence of the Delta variant, which affects minors and spreads more quickly among the population. However, serious illness and deaths from this disease in children are still rare.

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