It dawned early for winter

NEWS- The directors of the Mexican Pacific League woke up early and on Wednesday they decided to announce key dates for what will be their 22-23 season.

Everything will start on October 11 in the framework of a role that will contain several new features,

What stands out is that following the most recent model, at the starting point they do not go with the previously traditional series, they give a twist to tradition and thus we see that, for example, Tomateros do not go against Venados in the inaugurations to reciprocal visits but they can against Algodoneros while the porteƱos will follow a somewhat strange route: they open on the 11th against Charros in Guadalajara and they no longer play against the same rival until the 16th

Beyond the particular details, in the big outline, the news is that they already put on the radar of all those involved (sponsors, radio, TV, etc.) dates that from now on force them to put together the corresponding logistics and open the option to start selling what needs to be sold from now on,

Come on, the good news is that the first track of the great winter circus has already been laid and there is room for at least 4 months as a deadline to make all the corresponding adjustments.

FOLLOWED- The early riser followed the winter directors on Thursday, the date on which they announced that the draft of national players will take place in Hermosillo on July 5 to come. The news here is that the first two places to choose were taken by Monterrey and Guadalajara, expansion places, and those who will surely be rummaging to find, if possible, the highlights of the national pitching in an inventory of human capital that, out of To tell the truth, it is not very stocked.

It is a question of checking what is happening today in the summer to realize that there is very little that can be subject to draft, that the number of elements that are likely to be chosen is reduced and the most that can be aspired to is to opt for boys who are on their way to try out in the United States or, if possible, to find gold in dual nationality players.

Subject this one on which the LMP has not pronounced very in signature that we say.

SWALLOWS- The news that Roberto Osuna will play in Japan confirms the expectation that after the removal of the Major Leagues, playing in the Mexican League was a “meanwhile” while waiting to sign something out back to the United States or the hope of flirt something in Asia.

Too soon for Osuna to decide to install a plant in Mexico and not take advantage of some ephemeral notoriety that he would get during his time in the Major Leagues.
And to the above add, of course, the dollar sign.

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