Ismael, a wound that hurts a lot

For 26 years, Mexico has been bleeding from a wound that does not close and will never do so. September 14, 1995 was marked by the immense pain that caused the death of more than 200 fishermen to whom the Hurricane Ismael surprised helpless in the middle of the sea.

In their 30 vessels, from Mazatlán and Topolobampo, in Sinaloa, and Guaymas, in Sonora, they fought for the capture of marine species to bring sustenance to their homes, with their families waiting for them in ports and fishing grounds.

Wives, children, parents, nephews, grandparents, friends had said goodbye to their loved ones without imagining that it was the last time they would see them, because “Ismael” arrived quickly and with such force that he suddenly took their lives, and from them, from those who were on dry land, he took a piece of their hearts away.

Yesterday, 26 years after that date, that wound continues to hurt, and family and friends continue to cry and scream silently and loudly for his departure.

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In Sinalohomea, in the port of Topolobampo and in Mazatlán, fishing authorities and the men of the sea threw floral offerings for the deceased fishermen into the waters, raising a prayer to heaven so that another tragedy that mourns the noble sector will never happen again. of fishing.


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