Iraq fires rockets at US planes


September 13, 1971

Respect for the Municipality offers Customs. Respect for the municipal authority, as well as the observance of provisions to maintain order and a work of understanding and rapprochement for the best performance of their functions, were offered by the Commander of Topolobampo Customs, Raúl Camperos, to the Secretary of the City Council , Jesús Hernández, during a meeting held at the palace. This as a result of the arrest of a person who was scandalizing in the fiscal dock of the port, which Camperos defined as a “customs zone”.

Collective intoxication. Twelve people, mostly minors, members of seven families, suffered serious poisoning from eating cheese in a state of decomposition, having been admitted to the Red Cross, where doctors on duty gave them the required attention. The inhabitants of the “El Chorizo” neighborhood bought the product in a grocery store in the San Francisco neighborhood. Police agents appeared in the aforementioned chumilco, seizing all the existing cheese that they were still selling.

Ship crashes on the Moon. Moscow. The unmanned spacecraft Luna-18 crashed into the Moon in what the Soviets have defined as an “unfortunate” descent attempt on our natural satellite. As usual, reports from the Soviets make it unclear what exactly was the cause of the major setback for the mission entering its ninth day of activity. Western observers say the Soviets tried to lower their aircraft into the Apollonius Mountains, where it has been lost.

Heir to the Covarrubias-Blázquez. On the 10th of the present day, the Parisian bird of sweet surprises made its appearance to bring a little blue package for Messrs. Jorge Covarrubias and Olga Patricia Blázquez de Covarrubias, a couple with positive affections and relationships in our midst. The handsome baby has come to add two heirs to the couple’s offspring, who for such a happy event have been receiving affectionate congratulations from friends who wish for the health of the newborn.

September 13, 1996

Ships return to port. The Port Authority in Topolobampo totally suspended the departures of fishing and commercial vessels, given the imminent risk posed by the presence of Hurricane Fausto. Just on the 11th, the shrimp fishing began on the high seas. All vessels that were fishing in the area were alerted to the path of the hurricane, but not all heeded the need to seek a safe haven. It was asserted that the threat from “Fausto” is high risk, hence the Captaincy has chosen to close the port.

Warrant for the arrest of the newspaper director. Mexico, DF Hacienda filed complaints for tax fraud against three known taxpayers, among whom is Juan Francisco Ealy_Ortiz, president and CEO of the newspaper El Universal. In addition to the aforementioned complaint, the Treasury filed another two personally, for declaring income lower than what was actually received during 1994 and 1995. The tax loss for these alleged crimes amounts to 13 million pesos.

Iraq fires rockets at US planes. Baghdad. The Iraqi government said it fired three missiles at enemy warplanes in a no-fly zone in southern Iraq, a move that could well lead to more attacks by the US military. An Iraqi air defense battery fired the missiles, after which the planes fled the area. US military authorities said they had no report on rocket fire.

For the past week, Iraq has said almost daily that it has fired missiles at US planes and its European allies in the exclusion zones. The US military said they first detected Iraqi anti-aircraft fire when a missile was fired at an F-16 fighter. That missile missed its target, but the United States immediately dispatched its B-52 bombers, which struck southern Iraq last week.


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