Inhabitants affected by hurricane ‘Grace’ block roads in Veracruz

Veracruz.- Inhabitants of the northern region of Veracruz they closed yesterday at least three roads to require the Ministry of Welfare to include them in the census of victims of the Hurricane “Grace”, which impacted the entity as category 3 between August 20 and 21.

Almost a month after the damage to homes, residents of the Municipality of Papantla and its surroundings assured that the Servants of the Nation did not visit them or take their effects into account.

With stones, trees and other objects crossed, the protesters they blocked vehicular traffic on the Poza Rica-Cardel road, as well as the Totomoxtle-Tihuatlán and Papantla-Gutiérrez Zamora roads.

“Circulation closure is registered in both directions by inhabitants approximately at km 034 + 600 highway 180 Poza Rica-Veracruz, Poza Rica-Cardel section, “reported the Highway Division of the National Guard.

In Papantla-Gutiérrez Zamora, residents of the El Chote and El Palmar communities warned that they would continue with the blockade until they were served by superdelegate Manuel Huerta Ladrón de Guevara or by welfare workers.

“They wanted to give us an equal pantry, they are just deceiving us. The President trusts them, and what they do. We are supporting each other, uniting, we are not just these, there are more, but they are in other parts, they are closing in other parts of Tihuatlán they were yesterday, “said a dissatisfied one.

“We come from El Chote, they come from El Palmar. Bienestar preferred families and friends, that is what they did, those who are truly affected did not even receive support.”

At the end of August, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that only soldiers and sailors would participate in the delivery of aid to victims in this northern region of Veracruz to avoid intermediaries, politicians or “little leaders”.

Javier May, head of the Ministry of Welfare, then added that approximately 35 thousand pesos were going to be distributed for each of the 64 thousand victims of Veracruz, Puebla and Hidalgo.

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Just last week, Grupo REFORMA registered the disagreement of inhabitants who, despite losing their electrical appliances, roof and even all their homes, were not added to the census that has already ended.

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