INE approves budget of 14 thousand 437 million for 2023

The general council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) approved a budget of more than 14 billion pesos that will be used for the coming year, which includes what is destined for future 2023 elections.

This is the draft budget for the Fiscal Year 2023, which calculates a total amount of $14 thousand 437 million 935 thousand 663 Mexican pesos.

Of this amount, 916,871,000 are earmarked for organizing local electoral processes, and 780,825,000 for the presidential election process. 2023 and at the federal level.

Another amount that stands out in the budget is the 531 million 830 thousand pesos that appear earmarked for “Strengthening Administrative Management and Evaluation and Public Service Culture.”

The Counselor of INEJaime Rivera, said that the budget has not increased in real terms, what has increased in Mexico is the citizen population that must be served and whose political rights must be guaranteed.

INE foresees popular consultation for 4 thousand 25 million

Additionally, the directors of the INE They endorsed a precautionary budget for the organization of an eventual Popular Consultation for the year 2023, for a total amount of $4,025,422,288 pesos.

The National Electoral Institute projects that if this consultation is carried out in August 2023, some 95.8 million voters are prospected and 166 thousand 111 voting booths would be counted.

The electoral body indicated that in the event that the legal term of November 30 expires without a Popular Consultation being called, this amount would be returned immediately to the Federal Treasury.

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The Counselor of INECarla Humphrey said that if the INE budget project with financing for political parties and Popular Consultation, is approved as it is “it would be 0.34% of the current budget of Expenditures of the Federation for this 2022”.

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