In the rain they treat ISSSTE patients in Acapulco after damage that left an earthquake in the building

Acapulco Guerrero.- Patients who are cared for in the ISSSTE Hospital, in Acapulco, and who were taken to the patio of this building that resulted in severe damage to their structures due to the earthquake last Tuesday, suffered the inclemency of the rain that fell on the night of this Saturday and the early morning of today.

In a video that was broadcast on social networks, you can see the rain falling on the tents where the sick are, some of them from Covid-19.

Patients who are lying on the stretchers are accompanied by a family member. There are also medical personnel in the area getting wet.

After the earthquake last Tuesday, the authorities of the hospital located on Avenida Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, on Acapulco, decided to take the patients to the patio because the building suffered serious damage to its structures.

On Chilpancingo, the authorities of the ISSSTE clinic decided that the medical consultations to the beneficiaries would be in the courtyard of the building.

After the temblor Several patients from this clinic located south of this city were transferred to the Raymundo Abarca Alarcón General Hospital.

This group of patients who were relocated were in an area of ​​the ISSSTE clinic that suffered earthquake damage.

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Since Thursday, state Civil Protection personnel carry out an inspection of the building to establish whether or not it is habitable.

In Acapulco they treat patients in the rain


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