In PAS he works with subcommittees and citizens in Ahome, Sinaloa

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Being close to the people, knowing their needs and help solve the problems that exist in the neighborhoods and syndicatesthat is the work that the Sinaloa Party the 365 days of the year, through the municipal subcommittees and their more than 40 programsstated the President of the PAS State Executive Committee, Dr. Víctor Antonio Corrales Burgueño.

Listening to the people, allows to know in depth what each community requires and on that to carry out procedures and develop actions together with the citizens to solve the problems, as stated by the Secretary of Evaluation, Follow-up and Continuous Improvement of the State Executive Committee of the Sinaloa Party, Alan Valdez.

In PAS works with subcommittees and citizens in Sinaloa | Photo: DEbater

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During a meeting with residents of the Jardines del Pedregal neighborhood, in the Villa Fontana sector in Los Mochis, where several concerns were raised and it was agreed to take steps to solve some of the needs that exist in that sector of the city, the Secretary of Organization of the State Committee of the Sinaloense Party, Daniel Fierro, explained that in the Sinaloense Party, they work hand in hand with the citizens, because that is the best way to advance and generate the changes that are needed in each community.

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