In memory of teachers who died from Covid-19, SNTE 53 will place commemorative plaques in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- As part of a tribute and in memory of the teachers who were infected and died during the Covid-19 pandemic on National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) In Section 53 in Sinaloa, it will place plaques in the union coordinations of all municipalities.

The secretary general of the section, Fernando Sandoval Ángulo, regretted the losses they have had in the teaching profession, therefore they will place the plaques as a tribute and recognition of their great job during the pandemic.

“Make a tribute, make a recognition through a plaque with a very significant and profound text that was sent to each of the 57 leaders of the country so that we could unveil it.”

This recognition is also aimed at all teachers who were teaching during the pandemic and who faced the challenge of giving classes virtually.

SNTE 53 will place commemorative plaques in Sinaloa | Photo: Debate

“In that recognition, in that value, in that dedication not only to the teachers’ staff but also to their families, because we have said so, our houses have become schools, our rooms have become classrooms and our rooms and patios have become on the roof and the recreation areas of our students ”.

At the end of the words addressed to the teachers, the commemorative plaque that will be present in 17 municipalities of the state was unveiled.

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The union leader explained that only in the SNTE 53 around 2 thousand members have been infected and 570 people have died of which 376 were positive cases after the application of the vaccine to teachers and 16 deaths, among these three cases of youth under 35 years of age.


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