In less than 10 days, the 2 Correa Zaragoza brothers, Apatzingán officials, are shot dead

Apatzingán, Michoacán.- In less than 10 days they assassinate brothers Armando and Arturo Correa Zaragoza, officials of the municipality of Apatzingán de la Constitución in Michoacán.

This morning Arturo Correa Zaragoza, head of the Local Conciliation Board in the Apatzingán region, was shot to death when he was leaving his home.

Ten days before, the official’s brother, Armando Correa Zaragoza, Administrative Delegate of the State Attorney General, Apatzingán region, was also shot dead in a party hall of his property, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood

It was learned that Arturo Correa was at the doors of his home in the Las Palmas neighborhood, when a subject approached his car window to shoot him in the head, causing him instant death.

The two deceased brothers were known in said municipality, since they were both from Apatzinguenses and always worked in the public service.

Armando served as director of the Municipal Committee for Drinking Water and Sewerage of the Municipality of Apatzingán (Capama), and until his death, Administrative Delegate of the State Attorney General’s Office, Apatzingán region.

For its part, Arturo Correa He served for approximately 15 years at the head of the Local Conciliation Board based in Apatzingán.

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Regarding Armando’s case, the progress in the investigations is unknown. Regarding Arturo’s death, it can only be said that the investigation folder was left open

With information from ABC Noticias.

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