In Guerrero, the 7.1 earthquake damages more than 7 thousand homes and 15 thousand victims

Guerrero.- The governor of Guerrero, Héctor Astudillo, acknowledged that despite the fact that initially the damage caused by the fort 7.1 magnitude earthquake last Tuesday, until yesterday they reported 7,800 houses affected and 15 thousand people affected in the state.

“Without a doubt, it must be said, the earthquake has been showing us its scope, until today (Sunday) the damages are very different,” he admitted in a live broadcast. The foregoing, he explained, because Tuesday night only information had been received about “broken glass and fallen ceiling tiles.”

The governor of Guerrero clarified that the figures are not yet final, as road collapses and damage to homes continue to be reported, for which he asked the Federation for support.

In Guerrero, a 7.1 earthquake damages more than 7 thousand homes | Photo: Twitter

Only in Acapulco, 694 damaged homes are registered, for which its inhabitants have had to take refuge with relatives, while others decided to sleep outside their homes, said the state president.

Meanwhile in Chilpancingo, the 60 families of the Infonavit Housing Unit have been sleeping in other people’s houses for five days.

Edith Díaz Gómez, one of those affected, pointed out that the State Civil Protection authorities told them that within four or five days they will give them an opinion on the damages.

“We are definitely not going to return because the houses have cracks and with another slight tremor they collapse,” he said.

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The victim commented that several families have agreed to go to shelters, but most are living with their relatives. “We are going to ask the Government to pay us the monthly rent for a house because it is impossible for us to continue living with our relatives,” he said.

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