In El Carrizo they oppose charging a card to go through the San Miguel booth, Ahome

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The inhabitants of The CarrizoAhome, they oppose the collection of the card to go through the San Miguel toll booth.

“They are charging 250 pesos for the pure annual card and they are having a document signed that in case of loss of the card they will charge 350 pesos. All the people of the Carrizo Valley are dissatisfied with the bad government of Quirino Ordaz. I don’t know how the President of the Republic came up with sending him as ambassador to Spain, ”said Efrén Cota, a resident of Valle del Carrizo.

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He commented that they will seek the rapprochement with the Ahome councilors so that they intervene in the case and something can be done about it, since he stated that it cannot be possible that they are charged as inhabitants of El Carrizo.

Quirino on mission impossible?


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