In AMLO’s affections, some arrive and others leave

Countless comments (very polarized by the way) which aroused the announcement of the president, about the incorporation to his work team of the still governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz Coppel. Each one gave a reading according to their position, their perception and even their affectation. But beyond the speculations that have arisen, the truth is that the president is an extremely pragmatic man, and it is based on this that his affections can change suddenly, depending on how profitable it is to keep, undo or incorporate new pieces to his political chess. In the same way, it is evident or it is overly axiomatic that the close relationship that was forged between AMLO and Quirino had a lot to do with this presidential decision; However, in addition to the strategic move that the president makes to the opposition, something that should have valued a lot is the political capacity and ability that an element like Quirino Ordaz possesses. An equally pragmatic man and with a different way of exercising power, with a direct language and away from that old ceremony that traditional political class tends to follow. For the president, Quirino Ordaz is a skilled politician who tends to weave fine and, in this particular task, he can gain the confidence of the Spanish Government, in order to gradually make up for the diplomatic differences that have arisen between the two countries lately.

With the arrival of Quirino Ordaz to the AMLO team, a renewal of the presidential cabinet begins for the second half of his term. New incorporations will come and the detachment of those civil servants who no longer represent any use to the nation project of Q4 will continue. In this sense, the departure of the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, is becoming increasingly necessary, with the possible political repercussions that his departure would bring on social perception, the only thing that up to now sustains him. So very soon we could see how a decent exit is given to this official, who has long ceased to be in the affections of the president due to his lack of political ability and his bland and offensive statements. This removal, which has been postponed on several occasions by the same president, is at this point impossible to continue delaying, since the effects and repercussions of this pandemic have exceeded even the most fatalistic predictions that were initially drawn up by the health authorities. on an international level.

Let us remember how in the middle of last month, López-Gatell was categorical in pointing out that only if children and young people had any risk could one think about vaccinating them, since according to him, it was “almost null that any of them lost their lives due to covid -19 “. Nobody bargains this undersecretary for his training as a man of science, however, it is his lack of good sense and sensitivity that has gotten him (and along with him the president) in serious trouble. Let’s not say the last thing he declared about the deviation that in the use of vaccines would represent inoculating a minor, when there are people who are at greater risk. The incongruity of all this became even more evident yesterday when Gatell himself announced that they will always vaccinate minors between 12 and 17 years old whose medical condition makes them at high risk for the spread of this virus. And it is that everyone (except Gatell) understands that with the strain or delta variant of covid and the return to face-to-face classes, minors are scientifically declared (as Gatell himself requested at the time) as high-risk subjects, and if what is required are more vaccines, the logical thing would have been to wait to cover the national demand before sending them as donations to Central American countries … well.

So then, we will see how in the coming months, AMLO’s adjustments to his cabinet will be a constant, considering on the one hand that many of the political commitments have already been settled, and on the other hand that political pragmatism will predominate over personal affections. , especially when what it is about from now on is to keep the natural wear and tear that the second stage of the presidential term represents at a manageable level. While AMLO plays for 2024, the opposition remains lethargic and prey to the traps that the president himself puts on them, even reaching the cynicism of tearing their clothes with statements without any moral authority such as those posted yesterday by the national “leader” of the PRI , Alejandro Moreno, when he ruled that “no one can use the acronym of that party to negotiate positions in a personal capacity.” Go, go with Mr. Alito, that perhaps he did not do exactly the same and, reforming the statutes of that party, he proclaimed himself omnipotent emperor and monopolized all the multi-member candidacies ?.

FULL-TIME SCHOOLS NEED TO REACTIVATE. Among the multiple commitments and challenges that the teacher Rubén Rocha Moya will face in his government, education will undoubtedly be an area to which, due to the formation and vocation of the governor-elect, it is expected that he will devote special attention to correcting the lags that still exist. Now with the progressive and gradual return to the classrooms, one of these challenges will be what to do with the equipment that for years was adapted in schools as part of the Full Time program, which demonstrated successful results at the national level, being for true our entity the pioneer in its instrumentation. And it is that although the federal government decided to cancel it, the initiative could well be resumed at the state level and, looking for how to economize as much as possible its operating expenses, get said program to operate again, at least in the most vulnerable places in the state. And it is there that this strategy achieved great improvements in school performance, also becoming the only healthy eating option that children in those areas had.

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