In 6 days, 23 people die from Covid-19 in Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- The Covid-19 contagions in the last weeks they have gone down, but the number of deaths remains. In the last six days, in Mazatlán they have died 23 people by the coronavirus. The deceased are people between 36 and 83 years old.

Older adults suffered from other pathologies, such as diabetes and hypertension, according to the daily report given by the Ministry of Health of the behavior of the virus in the entity since the start of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.


In the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health announced that 89 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in the entity. Of this number, two are from Mazatlán.

Also, of the 19 deaths in the state, two belong to the port. 1,390 deaths from the virus have accumulated in the municipality.

The state of Sinaloa remains on a yellow traffic light. The availability of Covid-19 beds is currently 88 percent.

In a tour of the Covid hospitals in the entity, staff said that the influx of patients to the consultation has decreased. At the Mexican Institute of Social Security, between five and 10 patients are treated during the morning.

Admissions to the hospital also fell, report nurses in charge of the unit.
At the Doctor Martiniano Carvajal general hospital, between three and five patients remain hospitalized this week.

Relatives who are outside the hospital assure that more and more patients are recovering. There have been deaths, but very few. Leonor Tirado has her son-in-law hospitalized. He explained that he has a week and they have indicated that he has evolved well. If you continue like this, you will soon be discharged.

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The Secretary of Health, Efrén Encinas, like every day when giving the report, asks the population not to trust themselves because the cases are decreasing and to continue respecting sanitary measures.

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