IMSS reports a drop in the number of patients who are going to request care for Covid-19 in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- On the downside is attention and testing carried out to patients infected or with symptoms of covid-19report in the Family Medicine units of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Culiacan.

A week ago, the numbers of cases and care for beneficiaries with symptoms of Covid-19 remained at 100 a day in some IMSS clinics, but this week the statistics were much lower.


In a tour carried out in the various medical units of the city and the Civil Hospital, it was observed that there were very few people waiting their turn in the covid care area.

According to personnel from the Family Medical Unit Number 35 of the IMSS, only 10 percent of patients come out positive for covid-19, out of 25 daily tests they perform per shift.

The number of tests requested to verify or rule out the virus dropped significantly, since in previous weeks up to 50 were carried out per shift from Monday to Friday and weekends.

The Family Medical Unit 36 ​​of the IMSS was providing care to more than 150 people a day from Monday to Friday, but now it has dropped to half, so it is considered that, since the symptoms of the virus are not strong, many people choose not to seek medical attention and take the same medications that were prescribed before.

Medical care

At the Civil Hospital of Culiacán, the staff reported that since the beginning of the holiday season, the number of cares for covid-19 dropped considerably, since, of 40 people who attended, now only an average of 15 to 20 attend daily. Attention in this hospital is from 7:00 a.m. and people who present any symptoms can go at any time.

It should be remembered that the most frequent symptoms when acquiring the virus are: sore throat, headache, general malaise (such as tiredness), eye and ear pain.

They stay at home

Don Avelino Nevárez felt all the symptoms of covid-19, but he preferred not to go to any hospital because it was as if he had a very strong flu. In his case, since he was not going to go out on the street for days, the test was not carried out, which now weighs on him because he was left with the doubt of whether it was the virus or not. If he was, fortunately he had no serious complications. In the last few days, family and friends have told her they had flu symptoms, but none of them went to the doctor.


The delegate of Federal Programs in Sinaloa, Omar López, invites the population to continue with the health protocols, such as respecting healthy distances and avoiding crowds at vaccination points and anywhere.

“Let’s take care of our girls and boys,” the official repeats over and over again. He also invites you to be aware of the vaccination days for girls and boys from 5 to 11 years of age.

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low attention covid

The influx of people with symptoms of the covid virus presents a low demand, according to the staff of the medical points in the Culiacán hospitals.

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