Impunity, AMLO’s award for ‘fundraisers’!

The scandal surrounding the looting of public money and official impunity – in favor of Professor Delfina Gómez – has become the epitome of the corruption of the López Obrador government.

And it is that the empowerment and the official dispensation that the presidential power gives to the “collectors”, confirm in a timely manner the illegal and corrupt framework that for years we documented in this space, not only in the construction of the Morena party, but also in the AMLO’s victory in 2018.

Indeed, it turns out that “tax collectors” such as Delfina Gómez, Rocío Nahle and Claudia Sheinbaum, among others, today not only enjoy the honeys of the first level of public power, but their boss, the president, by all means covers the confirmation of his robberies.

And the exception – which confirms the rule – is called Eva Cadena, perhaps one of the most efficient “collectors” and who, in the end, was pushed to denounce the looting carried out by a group of women from the first circle. by López Obrador.

Yes, they were in charge of establishing links between business groups, criminal cartels and regional leaders, to finance the construction of Morena and the activism of its candidates for popularly elected positions.

But it is also true that the true “great teacher” of the different formulas to loot public money is called López Obrador.

Suffice it to remember that, for example, in the Political Itinerary of October 29, 2008 –yes, 13 years ago–, the intrigulis designed by López himself to charge “moches” were documented, in exchange for removing his recurring seedlings, then of the mythical exodus from Tabasco.

And that looting was confirmed, in the gallery of the Senate of the Republic, the now disappeared Manuel Camacho, then a senator of the PRD.

In those years we also gave the scoop on the robbery that the then head of Government, Obrador, orchestrated from the GDF to the workers of the Federal District Government.

It was a “master scam” that withheld between 10 and 20 percent of the salary of public employees; money that, according to witnesses, was used “for politics.”

Curiously, a practice identical to that carried out years later by the mayor of Texcoco, Delfina Gómez; Looting documented here in 2015, when the humble teacher became an applicant, by Morena, for the Government of the State of Mexico.

The modus operandi was the same: unilaterally and illegally withhold between 10 and 20 percent of the salary of municipal workers; money that served for Delfina to finance her candidacy for local deputy and then aspiring to the state government.

When we revealed that “transaction”, both “morenistas” and “lopistas” denied the version, accused us of lying, but, in the end, Delfina herself acknowledged the looting in an interview with the official AMLO spokeswoman; Mrs. Carmen Aristegui.

Today, however, when the INE and the Electoral Court sanction Mrs. Delfina Gómez, current Secretary of Education, she is once again underhanded by López, now president.

And the answer that the “lopistas” formulated in the past is now repeated by the president; “I don’t believe them, they attack her because they see her as a candidate,” said Obrador, a pardoner, on a recent morning.

And it is that, in effect, the award to the “collector” Delfina Gómez was the ownership of the SEP, from where she will jump, in a short time, to the candidacy for the Government of the State of Mexico.

In other words; the prize for looting the public coffers, in favor of Morena and AMLO, is impunity.

Another “collector” awarded by AMLO is named Rocío Nahle, who was even pointed out by the also “collector”, Eva Cadena, as the alleged person responsible for bringing money from organized crime to the Morena party.

And the award to Mrs. Nahle, as you also know, was owned by the Secretary of Energy in the López Obrador government.

But few remember that the current head of government and potential presidential candidate for Morena, Claudia Sheinbaum, was one of Obrador’s biggest “fundraisers” and, therefore, she reached the “top prize”.

First the head of government of CDMX and then the presidential candidacy for the succession of AMLO.

And what was Mrs. Sheinbaum’s modus operandi?

We must first remember that, after the videos of Pío López receiving money appeared, the head of Government of Mexico City assured, in a press conference, that she also contributed donations to the cause of AMLO.

What he did not say is that, in reality, from the DF Government, he diverted billions of pesos.

And if you doubt it, it is worth remembering that on September 14, 2017, the then PRD deputy, Raúl Antonio Flores, described Sheinbaum, in various interviews, “as a high-flying tax collector.”

So she said: “She has been in charge of collecting and managing money for AMLO for years, for that reason she is a key part of the work team of the national leader of Morena.”

And he even explained the methodology: “In business meetings he sells promises that there will be no consequences in the conclusion of contracts and movements of public works.

For example, in the Second Floors, she was in charge of economic diplomacy to obtain the financial resources that AMLO needed to sustain his campaign for the Presidency. And, to date there is no transparency in the movements and balances of this road work ”.

In effect, López Obrador has not only covered up all the complaints about corruption in the “second floors”, but the president was quick to co-opt those who knew of such “transas”.

Co-opt potential whistleblowers?

Indeed, in June 2020, López Obrador appointed the lawyer Jaime Cárdenas Gracia, husband of María de la Luz Mijangos, as the new head of the Institute to Give Back to the People the Stolen, who, in the midst of challenges, reached the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Combating the Corruption.

But what is laughable is that between 2005 and 2006, the pair of brilliant lawyers spread, among columnists of different newspapers, the files that proved the diversion of billions of pesos from the Second Floors, to the AMLO campaign.

Not a few journalists have such files in their files.

Today, with total impunity, Mrs. Claudia Sheinbaum travels the country as the “preferred presidential candidate” – as she is nicknamed in Morena’s political circles – while Mexico City is in the worst neglect in its history.

Yes, impunity and power are President Obrador’s awards to his brilliant “fundraisers”.

At the time.

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