Impressive! Strange red light is captured in the Oaxaca sky during a storm

Oaxaca.- One strange red light illuminated the skies of Ixtepec, Oaxaca on September 6 while a strong electrical storm hit the city at night, the event was recorded for posterity by citizens who soon posted it on social networks, there they discovered that in fact that light has name, and is known to scientists as “red goblin” or “sprite.”

According to the residents of Ixtepec, the red light it captured seemed to be getting closer and closer to the Earth so they soon began to theorize that it was a meteorite entering the atmosphere or from an unidentified object.

But what was the red light in the sky?

The NASA has the answer since this phenomenon was first captured 30 years ago, the red light has a name and is known as “red goblin” or “sprite”.

This class of atmospheric manifestations occurs mainly when an electrical storm occurs.

“They send pulses of electrical energy to the edge of space, the electrically charged layer known as the ionosphere, rather than to the surface of the Earth.”

According to NASA, normal rays are created based on a negative charge that descends towards the ground, but sometimes the energy that moves is positive, which produces the conditions for the “red goblins” to be created.

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This atmospheric phenomenon is very difficult to capture since it only lasts milliseconds, however scientists describe it as giant jellyfish that can only be visible from one side, as it happened in the skies of Oaxaca.


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