Imcine announces the results of the second stage of the ECAMC 2021 call

Mexico City.- The Secretary of Culture of the Government of Mexico, through the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (Imcine), published the results of the second stage of what was the announcement of this year to the Stimulus to Audiovisual Creation in Mexico and Central America for Indigenous and Afro-descendant Communities (ECAMC).

On this occasion, 14 were the projects selected to receive the economic stimulus, of which there are six feature films and eight short films.

The Secretary of Culture, Alejandra Frausto Guerrero commented that it is a great commitment not to leave anyone out since their objective is to advance in the inclusion of indigenous and Afro-Mexican peoples to the different forms of audiovisual creation, as well as cinematographic, individual and collective .

The official congratulated those selected, ensuring that these types of initiatives continue to promote the development of national cinema.

Of these projects, the 13 selected projects from Mexico stand out: Oaxaca (6), Chiapas (5), Mexico City (1), State of Mexico (1).

There is also a Central American project from Guatemala, of which 13 responsible for the selected projects described themselves as indigenous and Afro-descendant.

It should be noted that among the proposals selected by seven women and seven men, of which those responsible 11 people speak indigenous languages ​​such as: Oaxaca (6), Chiapas (5), Mexico City (1), State of Mexico (1).

In addition, nine of the projects will be recorded in indigenous languages ​​and Spanish, so another five will be recorded in full Spanish.

The selected projects are:

Nyanga, presented by Medhin Tewolde Serrano (Short film post-production).

It is chosen, presented by Alma Yoari Cizana López (Short film production).

Tzofo, presented by Salvador Martinez Martínez (Feature film post-production).

Valentina o la serenidad, presented by María de los Ángeles Cruz Murillo (Feature film production).

Me sacramento, presented by Florencia Gómez Santiz (Feature film production).

J-kuxlejaltik – Nuestra Vida, presented by Liliana Guadalupe López López (Short film postproduction).

I wrote my name in the jungle, presented by Sinhué Ascona Mora (Short film production).

Ser muxe´, presented by Juan Ernesto Regalado Morales (Feature film production).

Xgooba, presented by David Illescas Mendoza (Short film production).

Snichimal abtelal – The flowers of work, presented by Ana María Vázquez Hernández (Feature film production).

Atardecer, presented by Elvis Caj Cojoc (Short film production).

Gu juk gio gu yooxi, presented by Selene Yuridia Galindo Cumplido (Short Film Production).

Yo´on k´ox krem ​​(Heart of a child), presented by Bernardino de Jesús López de la Cruz (Feature film production).

Prologue and epilogue, presented by Dinazar Urbina Mata (Short film production).

This is the third edition of the ECAMC call, which opened in February of this year, which had two stages of evaluation: training program and economic stimulus.

It was in April that 20 projects were known from which selections were made, after the evaluation to participate in the training program. This lasted for 120 hours and allowed the filmmakers to work on the project opportunity areas.

In the second evaluation, in addition to receiving the economic stimulus, the selected projects will also have guidance for one year and will participate in the ECAMC 2021 residency, where they will take five specialized workshops, which will be held at the Post-Production Support Center ( CAPP) of the Imcine.

The workshops are:

Workshop 1- Address

Workshop 2- Photography

Workshop 3- Sound

Workshop 4- Production

Workshop 5- Route of Labs and Festivals

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Finally, the Imcine announced that in October of this year two virtual workshops will be held for the development of projects, this aimed at those who wish to participate in the ECAMC 2022 call.

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