“I’m going home, mom”: It was Araceli’s last message before she was murdered

Argentina.- Araceli She was 22 years old when she was murdered in April 2017 in Argentina, four years have passed and justice has not been served yet, her mother asks that she be given life imprisonment his attackers, of whom eight have already been arrested.

Behind the femicide of the young woman, her mother began to receive threats from Carlos, who was arrested this Sunday when he went to fly to a school in San Martín, Argentina, after he sent an intimidating video to the woman where he told her that there were bullets for the entire family.

“There are chest casualties for the whole family,” Carlos said in the video.

This Monday an oral trial was held with the eight accused, including Carlos, all accused of the crime of homicide aggravated by femicide and for the participation of two or more people, who face the maximum penalty, which is chain life.

On April 2, 2017 was the last time he was seen alive with Araceli, when he was in a square near his house, at seven in the morning he sent a message to his mother telling her that he was on his way back.

“Prepare things for the mate that I’m going home,” was Araceli’s last message to her mother.

That day Araceli’s mother started to heat the food but her daughter never came home so they started looking for her, it was not until twenty-five days later that she was found dead.

The young woman was Killed by mechanical suffocation, strangled with a seal and they tried to hide his body in a lime pit in the house of a man, identified as Dario.

The day before her disappearance, Araceli had gone to eat barbecue with several friends, including Dario.

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Throughout the investigation process, Araceli’s family and witnesses received threats, and Dario was beaten and burned with hot water inside the prison, as strategies to divert the investigation.


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