“I’m a brunette and no one discriminated against me,” a PAN deputy defends the Sonora Grill restaurant

Mexico City.- After alleged acts of racism committed in the restaurant went viral through social networks Sonora Grill from the colony Polanco in Mexico City, the local deputy America Rangel of the National Action Party (PAN)appeared to advocate for the luxurious dining establishment without thinking that doing so at such a controversial time would cost him various criticisms on social networks.

Well, it should be remembered that for a few days various testimonies of employees and former employees began to circulate about alleged racist and classist practices, in the Sonora Grill, among them, separating customers by their skin color and only granting tables with a view to the street people with class and white skin.

Regardless of the controversy, the deputy of District 13 in the Mayor’s Office Miguel Hidalgo of CDMX, América Rangel decided to visit the place to check if there was “discrimination”, as she assured the “victimists” that she is brunette.

“Today I took the opportunity to eat at Sonora Grill, a Mexican company that invests and generates jobs in the country… To the progressive victimizers, I clarify that I am a brunette and no one discriminated against me,” wrote América Rangel on social networks.

PAN deputy defends Sonora Grill restaurant

As expected, the publication was not taken in a good way by Internet users who ranted against the legislator with various comments.

Some of them thanking in an ironic and hilarious way the support of the legislator for the show of empathy by giving as an example that being dark is not a reason for discrimination.

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“Bandita, I am dark-haired and they treated me very well at Sonora Grill that they even brought me a police escort to protect me,” “What a great human being you are, always showing humility and empathy for us dark-haired people,” some users wrote.

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