“I was missing the most important guest, MY DAUGHTER”, father makes a party for his daughter and her ex does not take her

Argentina.- A sad moment lived Jonathan, after he was organize a big party for your daughter Delfina in just three days, even though she tried hard and did her best in such a short time her ex-partner did not take the girl to his own party.

Through Facebook Jonathan published a sad post accompanied with the images of the little girl party that he organized for his daughter with lots of love.

“Here I am on my daughter’s 6th birthday … I couldn’t do much more than this in just 3 days of preparation, they told me I could celebrate her birthday at my house !! DESPITE THE SHORT TIME I did everything possible to buy food, candy bar bouncy castle and guest gifts !! “, reads part of the post.

This sad event happened on September 12 in the town of Lomas de Zamora in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the images published by the father you can see the decoration which had a Frozen theme, as well as two cakes and several snacks to celebrate the birthday.

The father commented that they only gave him three days to organize the your daughter’s party and in such a short time he did everything he could to make a beautiful party.

“Everything was beautiful, for my taste, and for only having three days of preparation. I did not sleep all night nervous because it was the first birthday that I would only take care of everything,” wrote the father.

Jonathan also explained that the girl’s mother did not take her to the party for inexplicable reasons “from one moment to the next she told me that she was not going to send the girl and did nothing more than turn off the cell phone.”

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“I got up early I went everywhere … the time came, the children arrived, they played, they ate and everything was very happy … except for me … my heart breaks inside and I can’t stop crying !!! I just needed the most guest MY DAUGHTER matters … I swear I wrote this so that tomorrow, daughter, you can see that Dad did everything as you would have liked. I love you, “the publication ends.

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