“I can’t anymore, I beg you,” they reveal the reason for the departure of Kimberly Flores from “The House of the Famous”

Last week the Guatemalan model Kimberly Flores it came out of “The home of the famous“, Telemundo reality show in which several celebrities participate. The departure of the wife of Edwin moon, leader and vocalist of La Trakalosa de Monterrey, surprised all his colleagues and during yesterday’s broadcast, the reason behind all this was revealed.

The Mexican singer Edwin Luna traveled from Monterrey, Nuevo León to Mexico City (where the recordings of this television show take place), to beg his wife to leave “The House of Famous” and return to his home, because her children were not having a good time in her absence and because of the scandals she has starred in.

Kimberly Flores caused a lot of controversy for her alleged infidelity to Edwin Luna; remember that during his stay in “The House of the Famous”, he walked very flirt with actor Roberto Romano. According to the Regional Mexican singer, several publications that were made about his wife were sent to their 14-year-old son Elian.

“You have to talk about a lot of things you don’t know, we go in parts,” Edwin told Kimberly. “Look me in the eye, you have to go with me, Elian is bad, they sent him some notes from you, outside is not how you think.”

Elian saw some notes from you and started screaming that you were a prostitute, that when you got home he was going to shoot you, that he didn’t want you with us.

in addition Edwin moon She stated that her 6-year-old son Damien cries every other day: “he says that where is his mother, I had an attack (of anxiety) two days ago, Arely had to calm me down. Gianna got scared, I can’t anymore , for what you love more, I beg you for my life. “

The ex-husband of the actress Alma Cero, with tears in his eyes, expressed to Kimberly Flores: “You asked me for something when you came here (to ‘The famous house’), you asked me to take care of my children, I can’t anymore, if you go with me you will see that we have a beautiful life”.

For her part, Kimberly Flores mentioned that both she and her family made the decision together for her to enter the Telemundo reality show, but for them she had decided to leave.

Last Friday “the boss” of “The home of the famous“She surprised all the tenants by making this announcement:” Due to a personal situation, Kimberly has left ‘The famous house’, I want to clarify that it is nothing that has no solution, they are situations that she needed to solve I’ll give you more information later. “

In social networks there were rumors that Edwin Luna came furious to the forum where the aforementioned show takes place, he asked the production to speak with his wife because he had to tell her something very important; it was even speculated that it was a divorce.

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