“I am the only sustenance”; Elotero who fell and lost all his merchandise, hopes to return to work soon

Mexico.- More than a week after Don Cayetano, an elderly resident of Monterrey Nuevo Leon suffered injuries when he fell when he was climbing a slope and lost all his merchandise, he thanked the support they have given him and hopes to return to work soon, since he assured that he will be the sole breadwinner for his family.

It was at the beginning of September when Don Cayetano suffered the accident that left him without the possibility of working, however, in the face of misfortune, hope arrived, since the sad moment was captured on video by security cameras, same as at Being shared built a great solidarity network in social networks that gave him the financial support he needed.

This situation caused his story to go viral, and now more than a week after having suffered the accident, Don Cayetano, even with the burns on his arms, hopes to be able to return to work soon since he claimed to be the only sustenance for his family.

This was indicated to the Univision television network that days after the accident. With tears streaming down her face, she said that she tried to get up, but due to the injuries, she could no longer.

“Now I have to work, whatever it is. As God gives me the absence to work, to get ahead with my family. Because I am the only breadwinner in a family”, Don Cayetano said.

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His story caused hundreds of people to show solidarity to help him, because in addition to the financial support he has received, they also gave him a new tricycle, which once he recovers, he will begin to accommodate him, with the pots and corn, he goes back to the streets to work. .

Elotero falls and loses all his merchandise; video goes viral and netizens unite to help him


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